My favourite thing about travelling?

From the buzz of waking up early to go to the airport, finding your seat on the plane and anxiously waiting for the food menu to appear, to stepping off with the smell of the new air hitting you and you delving into the unknown. Travelling is a wonderful experience. 

Whilst being in a different location I enjoy soaking up as much of the local atmosphere as possible. I am intrigued  by how a few miles away a whole different language is spoken with unique ways of living. Even the concept of accents within England amazes me. 

I like out of the ordinary. And staying in the same place 24/7 is far from that, in order to be happy with life I need to feel stimulated from my surroundings and therefore I feel as though travelling is a sort of therapy for me and probably is for  many more individuals. 

Being able to travel is a luxury and so when done it should be done properly, integrating with the culture you have arrived in. 

So, what is my favourite thing about travelling?… My favourite thing is opening my eyes up to alternate worlds and way of lives, showing me that where I am now is only temporary and to comfort me into knowing that I have many options for change in the future. 


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