Elounda, Crete

In an attempt to visit all of the Greek islands, I visited Crete. I was here for 10 days from the end of July to August with temperatures of around 34 degrees however constant wind makes it seem a lot cooler. I visited the town Elounda, known for its celebrity appearances, as told/shown by a local shop keeper. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

These two pictures above were took whilst on the island of Spinalonga, boat tours to the island happen ever 15 minutes or so and enable you to stay there for the entirety of the day. The island is full of history and makes a great day out looking at where people were sent to live with leprosy.

Here above I took a 4 hour tour up into the mountains and into surrounding villages, I saw nothing but breathtaking views. To the left you can see the island of Spinalonga.

The town of Elounda.

I would highly recommend Elounda, Crete, it is full of options for all types of holiday goers with banana boats, boat tours, quad bikes, plenty of restaurants and a peaceful atmosphere. You get the heat but with a breeze which makes sunbathing more enjoyable especially for young children. 

This is the third Greek island I have visited so far along with Kefalonia and Corfu, the views here however are unlike any i have seen before. I am keen to return to see more.


10 thoughts on “Elounda, Crete

  1. The trouble with cruises is that they only stop for a specific number of hours at a few ports. We took a tour of Knossos when we were in Crete – well specifically Heraklion port we think. Elounda definitely looks better! Because the Knossos tour was a little disappointing!

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