Living in 2 cities

My home is in Manchester, with my parents, my sister, my oldest friends, my boyfriend. My other home for 3/4 years is in the heart of Leeds city centre, currently in a 20 floor high tower block of student accommodation. 

Living between two cities is exciting but draining at the same time. As soon as I begin to feel settled in one place I have to remove myself to change back to my other life in another city. I honestly feel like at the moment I am living two lives… my Leeds life and my Manchester life. 

I work still in Manchester also, which makes it harder.. the past three weeks I’ve skipped uni in order to be home for work, in order to pay off my deposit on the house for next year in Leeds. 

Next year I’m hoping to find work in Leeds, and my goal is to integrate the ‘two lives’ into one, making one bigger, more enjoyable and easier life. I feel first year has been an experiment in living away from home, and temptations have brought me back home more times than I anticipated. 

Is anyone in University experiencing the same kind of thing? Or maybe something similar with work?


One thought on “Living in 2 cities

  1. Not experiencing the exact same feelings as you. But I know what is like to have to homes. My home right now is Japan and has been for the last five years. But my town in Canada will always be my home as well. Hope you figure things out.

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