East Anglia

Last week I drove 4 hours from Manchester to East Anglia. Having only had my licence for a year it was my first long drive and so at 3am I set off with a picnic on the back seat. 

Being from the North, I rarely venture to the south other than to London so this was a new experience for me. 

The drive was rarely straight forward with only round abouts breaking up the hypnotising journey, at 9 I arrived having stopped off a few times including for a McDonald’s breakfast. 

The main reason of the trip was the visit the Univeristy of East Anglia, which is a beautiful campus and makes me regret not looking into it when I was applying for uni. 

After seeing the campus, me and my boyfriend decided to sleep in the car and then go into Norwich for some food. 3 hours later at 8:30pm that is what we did. 

Whilst there I took only a few photos, but the scenic views are embedded in my memory. Next time I will be sure to take more to really capture how beautiful it is. The whole town has a traditional feel to it but bursting with modern amenities making a perfect balance. 

Here are a few pictures I took, mostly of a subway which at first I was hesitant about entering however was pleasantly surprised once I entered. 

​Thought I may aswell share the amazing sunset on the drive there. 

The subway. 

I know these are really bad pictures, and for that I am sorry however I was that drained from the drive that for once taking pictures wasn’t at the focal of my trip. 


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