My favourite place to visit?

So far I have only travelled within Europe with the exception of Florida. Therefore I cannot fully say where my favourite place is, however I can say from what I have seen so far. 

Growing up I’ve been on various holidays within Spain including the Canary Islands, and this used to be the main place we went to. In 2014 however we went to Kefalonia, Greece and since then I’ve fell in love. Therefore, my current answer has to be the Greek Islands. So far I have been to Zante, Kefalonia, Corfu and Crete. The beaches in Kefalonia were beyond beautiful and I would love to return purely for that reason, Crete however I would say is the best all round with amazing views and beaches. 

My answer: Greece

Below are more pictures from my trip to Crete last year. 

See my Crete Summer ’16 Blog Post for more info and pictures of Elounda, Crete. 


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